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what is the concept of the business ?

we are in a digital area where personal information and files are resold at a golden price, our company goes against its principle and offers to protect your information and personal file on an external and encrypted server.

why use this service ?

if you want to protect information that you consider sensitive, we can protect it for you, and you can access your files at any time on all platforms

what information 01serv.com protects for me ?

we can protect all files (video, image, text document and others) and all documents (bank card, passport, and others)

how the service offered by 01serv.com works ?

To start using our services, you will need to create an account, you will access your member areas. A file upload platform is available there, it is on this upload platform that you will transmit your information and files to secure and then encrypted.

Once the upload is complete, to recover or view your files at any time, you will have to go through our security steps (confirmation email and secret key), if the security steps are valid you will be able to access the desired file.

If you delete a file, we do not keep it, so it will be permanently deleted from our servers.

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